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Custom Made Pro-Wrestling Boots
Only Available in "Heavy Material"

*Normal in shop working time is 4 weeks from receipt of payment

"Wingtips Style"

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All wrestling boots are made in "WingTips style". Fully lined, Cut to a point at the top, they may be finished up to a point in back to give a sculptured look to your calf. Extra durable crepe soles. Laces included black or white. Our Wrestling Boots are UniSex  for  men or woman . Customers have the option of including a note with their payment in the checkout process. Please take the time to Select all measurements.quired)             How To Measure?

Why buying from us?

* No additional charge for extra height

* No additional charge for double tone boots

* No additional charge for larger sizes

* You are buying from the best

* We give you five easy ways to order

* Order multiple boots at the same time and Pay shipping only for one pair

To order type the "5 measures" below according to our Chart Sizes:  

example: "Foot Size 9.5, Height 13", Calf 16", Ankle10.5", Long Heel 13".

All sizes in "USA Men sizes" on your order.

Select/Type the Measurements and Color(s):(Required)

Wingtips, Natural Leather (dull finish): Colors available: Black, White, Red or Blue.

Price: $349.99  

type the 5 measures
select color

..............................or .............................

Wingtips, Patent(shiny finish): Colors available: Black, White, Blue, Metalic Red and Gold.

Price: 399.99

type the 5 measures
select color


Double tone boots in standard colors (2 Tone) Free of charge

 Click to view examples of double tone boots.

Add Double Tone

White Soles  Add $25.00

Extra sole and Extra Wedge Heel ? (Also know as a lift)

They make you look taller. Increased cushioning on the soles of the feet. Extended durability, the soles will last longer before needing to be "resoled". You can combine multiple options.

Click to view examples of Regular sole, Extra sole and Extra Wedge Heel

Extra Wedge Heel add $25.00

Extra sole add $25.00


Simple Letters & Symbols 3" Height ?

Click to view examples of Simple Letters & Symbols.

"Simple Initial or design" (3 inch) in red, black or white $ 25 per pair of boots (one letter per boot). If you order this option please write us a what color and letters you want.

add $25.00 per pair .


Rush Order Service? Subject to Availability Please Contact Us
5 bus.days $150.00
10 bus.days $100.00
15 bus.days $75.00

Normal in shop working time is 4 weeks from receipt of payment. Rush service refer to shop working time do not cover shipping time.